Anaesthesiology, operative and intensive care service

Anaesthesiology, operative and intensive care service (AIO) is a structural unit that organises the hospital’s anesthesiology and intensive care activity, the work of surgery unit and pain management office, and provides sterilisation service in central sterilisation. Structural units of the AIO service are anaesthesiology and intensive care unit and surgery unit, incl. central sterilisation.

Anaesthesiology and intensive care unit’s field of activity:

  • prepare patients for anaesthesia,
  • conduct safe and rational anaesthesia and monitor patients after anaesthesia,
  • manage pain relief during child delivery as well as organise and conduct intensive care.

Anaesthesiology and intensive care unit involves a pain management office that advises patients with chronic and severe pain, identifies and treats the cause of pain. Surgery units organise the work of surgical wards, ensuring them with surgery nurses and assisting personnel and providing work equipment and materials, preparing and sterilising surgery equipment. Surgery unit involves central sterilisation that prepares and sterilises instruments and accessories all over the hospital.

The tasks of AIO service as a service provider for the hospital's structural units (and contractual clients) are:

  • resuscitation;
  • providing service of anaesthesiology;
  • pre- and post-anaesthesia monitoring of a patient;
  • providing intensive care;
  • organising surgery unit's work;
  • preparing the materials necessary for procedures conducted in the surgery unit;
  • providing services for chronic and severe pain relief;
  • providing central sterilisation service.

Additionally, AIO also guarantees that the hospital is ready in the event of a crisis situation, emergency situation, in the conditions of a catastrophe, and it also coordinates the hospital’s work in the said conditions.

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