Internal disease departments I, II

In I internal disease department
we provide service for in-patient diabetics, gastroenterology and oncology patients but also patients with lung diseases, blood diseases, etc. and persons suffering from infectious diseases (also children) in the infectious disease unit. A large group of patients comes to our department for tests to get a diagnosis. The department also conducts emergency rabies vaccination and geriatric assessment.

Internal disease department has 30 beds, including 3 first-level intensive care beds. Infectious disease unit has 20 beds, including 2 first-level intensive care beds.


The nursing care services provided by us are all typical internal department activities, of which the following could be mentioned:

  • surveillance of a diabetic,
  • measuring blood sugar,
  • determining amount of insulin based on blood sugar and BU,
  • injecting insulin,
  • counselling and teaching a patient,
  • monitoring and treating patients suffering from infectious diseases (incl. children).

Geriatric unit – Since 2004, a team of geriatric assessment has been operating successfully. The goal of geriatric assessment is to maintain the maximum functional status of a patient/client and his ability to cope independently. A comprehensive geriatric assessment has proven to be an effective and cost-saving opportunity for solving problems of people with multiple problems and coping deficiency (mostly of the elderly).


In II Internal disease department consists of neurology and internal disease unit that has 20 neurology beds and 10 in-patient beds, including 3 first-level intensive care beds. Cardiology unit has 30 beds, including 3 first-level intensive care beds.

Patient target group is:

  • strokes,
  • brain haemorrhage,
  • epilepsy,
  • nerve inflammations.
  • Sclerosis multiplex and other nerve diseases,
  • all internal diseases, such as pneumonia, hematologic, rheumatic, cardiac (stenocardia, heart attack, etc.),
  • diabetes,
  • lung diseases (COPD, asthma, etc.).


How often do you visit a doctor?

Once a year
Two times in a year


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