Nursing Care Centre

Nursing Care Centre (Ravi st. 2) provides medical, nursing and continuing care for patients whose health status does not allow them to cope independently with their daily lives. After suffering from a serious illness or due to advanced age, patients may remain in the persistent changes in health and full recovery is not always possible.

In this case we recommend that the patient receives nursing care after active treatment. It is important to stabilize patient’s condition and alleviate discomfort in order to find the best ways with close ones to cope at home or in another environment.

Patients who are in nursing care department need in-patient treatment, because they have been geriatrically assessed or will be assessed during nursing care period. It means that the interdisciplinary team has made a decision on patient’s condition according to his/ her health, social, psychological and nursing care needs.

Through geriatric assessment an individual activity plan for the patient is made. Thereby, patient’s health condition, subsistence level and ability to cope with everyday activities are taken into account. The evaluation (interdisciplinary) team includes a doctor, nurse and social worker, in case of need physiotherapist and other specialists.


We provide help for patients:

  • who no longer need active treatment in hospital, but still need nursing care (e.g. after surgery or in consequence of another disease) in order to cope in home environment
  • whose home nursing care may prevent hospitalization
  • who have health issues due to chronic illnesses (e.g. skin ulcers, sores, pain, limited movement)
  • who have difficulties visiting health organization on their own due to illness or disability (home nursing)
  • who need long term nursing care, that is not secured by family nurse

Estonian Health Insurance Fund covers 85 % of service, cost-sharing for in-patient fee is 15% (7,38 EUR). People, living in difficult economic situation can apply for partial co-payment from local government that is in accordance with the local government law. In order to receive nursing care it is important to have a referral from medical or family doctor and preferably epicrises from hospital or family nurse.
In the nursing care department we perform simple blood and urine analyses, but no other examinations.

Referral to nursing care: Patient is sent to nursing care along with standard format of referral by:

  • medical specialist after active treatment in in-patient unit
  • family doctor from home or from social care establishment

Coming to nursing care:


Suitable time for coming to hospital is between 11.00-15.00


We kindly advise you to take along the following:

  • Specific medicaments of chronic illnesses (eg. Parkinson's disease, medicines for diabetes) that you use regularly
  • Data of your last analyses and examinations
  • Socks and slippers for your own convenience
  • Personal toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste; shaving equipment (especially men)


Documents, money and other valuables should be deposited to departments’ strongbox otherwise department do not take responsibility for the valuables.

Patients pension will be brought to nursing care department by home delivery of Pärnu Post Office in case you have previously informed Pärnu Post office by calling (+372) 4471169

Please do not take along cigarettes and matches as it is forbidden to smoke in the hospital premises.


Patient visiting hours are 11.00-19.00

  • During autumn and winter period it is necessary to bring along slippers or use protective slippers that you may purchase from secretary on the I floor
  • Depending on the season and patient’s condition it is possible to stay outside in the yard as well. We kindly suggest taking along appropriate clothing.


While at hospital patients may use their own food or food brought to them by visitors. It can be stored in departments’ refrigerator and it has to be marked with patients name and a room number. Personnel have the right to throw away food that is unmarked or that appears to be too old.
The duration of nursing care depends on patient’s health condition, yet on average lasts for 1 month. In the event on vacancies it is possible to receive fee-charging nursing service. Departments manager is responsible for the queue of patients.

Services in nursing care:
Care stands for helping people in their everyday lives and helping them to cope with various activities. Nursing care includes the evaluation of patients’ needs, various nursing care activities and activating a patient. It is possible to receive social counseling during the nursing care period. Social worker helps to fill various documents and forwards them to appropriate authority.
Patients are being advised on the following:

  • how to apply for service of medical devices (equipment)
  • how to apply for home care service
  • care in the family
  • care in nursing care facility
  • how to apply for support for various social services

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