Rehabilitation department

Rehabilitation and aftercare department consists of two units:

  • rehabilitation and aftercare in-patient unit
  • rehabilitation ambulatory unit.


Rehabilitation and aftercare in-patient unit, is located in Ristiku st. 1. Patients are directed to rehabilitation to recover or maintain disturbed functions or to help cope with a disability. The rehabilitation team includes:

  • rehabilitation doctor,
  • physiotherapist,
  • recreational therapist,
  • nurse,
  • medical masseuse,
  • speech therapist,


We consider patient to be also part of the team, in case of a child patient, also the child’s family and, if necessary, support persons. The department uses various contemporary equipment and devices from balls to Redcord weight system. The department uses a new CPM (continuous passive motion machine) for shoulder, elbow, hip and knee, and ankle joints. Patients are directed to aftercare from Pärnu Hospital's other departments and also other hospitals if the patient requires a long-term treatment. If necessary, patients are counselled by a speech therapist, recreational therapist, and psychologist.



Rehabilitation and well-being centre conducts ambulatory consultations with:

  • rehabilitation doctors,
  • sports doctor,
  • speech therapist,
  • specialised pedagogue,
  • psychologist,
  • recreational therapist.


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The unit provides rehabilitation service for all age groups, it tests young athletes, conducts consultations with a social worker. Ambulatory rehabilitation unit provides different rehabilitation services. It conducts the following procedures:

  • water treatment for adults and children,
  • heat treatment,
  • cold treatment,
  • physiotherapy with equipment,
  • massage on water bed,
  • hand massage as part of physiotherapy and as fee-charging service.


Clients with various problems have the opportunity for individual and group exercising.

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