Nursing service

Nursing service is a medical structure unit that manages Pärnu Hospital's nursing activity while providing nursing services in all medical units. The main functions of this service are:

  • effective management of nursing activities,
  • equalisation of nursing quality,
  • developing nursing in Pärnu Hospital.


The goal of nursing service is to implement caring attitude towards patients and colleagues. Council of Nurses manages the nurses’ activitiesю Additionally, we provide home nursing service and in-patient care service on Ravi street.


The patient can be sent to the service by the family physician or a specialised doctor with a referral. The referral must clearly show the patient’s diagnoses, treatment, and coping.


Nursing service´s mission/vision is to:

  • provide quality nursing assistance in Pärnu Hospital,
  • supervise health college students,
  • economic efficiency and understandable management,
  • integrated nursing assistance centre in Pärnu City, open social partner to all related specialities,
  • multilevel development on patient care,
  • training centre for nursing-caregiving in Western-Estonia.

How often do you visit a doctor?

Once a year
Two times in a year


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