Day Center

Aim of the Day Centre of Psychiatric Clinic in Pärnu Hospital offers a psychiatric day treatment programs and other support services for people with mental disorders on the principle of integrated psychiatry, which is based on an effective teamwork of different specialists. The team members are psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, social workers, activity leaders, occupational therapists, rehabilitation specialists etc.).


Our mission is to help people with psychiatric special needs to cope with everyday life as independently as possible and to assure support for participating in the community life in a competitive, non-discriminated way.

The programme includes:

  • monitoring of the mental state of patients; 
  • immediate exchange of information with the attending physicians in case of instability as soon as possible in order to prevent the intensification of  mental disorder; 
  • therapy and treatment methods, which are aimed to avoid the hospitalization;
  • post-hospitalization treatment;
  • psychiatric and psycho-social rehabilitation;
  • home visits, home based monitoring;
  • assessment of capabilities in everyday life;
  • psycho diagnostics (observation, interviewing, gathering background information, etc.).

Day Center is located on Ristiku 1, please see the map.

We are opened on workdays 09.00–17.00

Contact: (+372) 447 3287 or kristo.kaukver[at]


Day Centre provides the following services: services funded by the Health Insurance Fund:

  • Psychiatric day treatment

Services in the framework of the project “Welfare of the people with psychiatric special needs”, which are funded by the Social Insurance Board:

  • Everyday life support service (for 50 people)
  • Supported job service (for 5 people).

The services for people with psychiatric special needs are provided after the consultation with attending physician/psychiatrist and the prescription/referral is needed to visit the daily inpatient facility.

Therapeutic activities and possibilities:

  • Handicraft,  flower arrangement and other manual activities
  • Creative therapies, music therapy
  • Self-management skills when formalising documents, budget planning
  • Stress relieving, relaxation
  • Basic computer skills training
  • Cooking
  • Laundry
  • Physical exercising
  • Spare time activities: corporate events and excursions, TV, movies watching, board games, etc.
  • Individual medical, psychological and social counselling and problem solving consultations.

In the framework of supported job service: patients are working and rotating on the following positions: laundry manager, stoker, dishwasher, computer teacher, street sweeper, desk clerk/doorkeeper, cleaners and different auxiliary jobs.


Kristo Kaukver – manager / psychologist, kristo.kaukver[at]

Laine Tagam - nurse 

Kadri Eenraid- social worker, services coordinator
Diana Vainonen - activity leader
Kadri Melnits – activity leader

Ülle Vaher – activity leader

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