Women’s and Children’s Clinic

Women’s and Children’s Clinic of Pärnu Hospital provides medical help in gynaecology, obstetrical care, and paediatrics. Our many years of experience and our commitment to excellence mean that our patients receive personalized, high quality care.


The activity of Women’s and Children’s Clinic is guided by the Articles of Association of Pärnu Hospital, Pärnu Hospital’s activity plan for Women’s and Children’s Clinic and by approved standards, laws and other legislation regarding the specialities of Women's and Children's Clinic.


The Women’s and Children’s Clinic consists of the following 3 departments and 2 units:


  • Women's disease and maternity department:
  • prenatal and maternity unit; 
  • women's disease unit; 
  • ambulatory unit; 
  • family school; 
  • day treatment.


  • Children’s disease department.


We believe in teamwork, both with each other and with our patients. Our shared philosophy and practice ensure consistency.

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