Children’s disease department

Children’s disease department is located in the A- and D-wing on the 4th floor. The department has 32 beds and 2 first level intensive care beds. Children’s disease department also treats children with diseases of:

  • surgical
  • orthopaedic
  • ear, throat and nose nature,
  • children in need of rehabilitation.


The department has a room furnished with necessary equipment for rehabilitation. Our paediatricians also work with newborns. Since 2005, we have been offering consultation service with paediatrician-allergist. Patients are consulted by dr. Maarja Kroon. Consultations are given in the event of both skin and respiratory allergies or their suspicion.  


The following examinations are conducted:

  • Skin tests or puncture tests,
  • Application tests or patch tests,
  • Laboratory tests can determine the general IgE level of blood serum and level of allergen-specific IgE antibodies,
  • Determining the content of fractional nitric oxide (FeNO) in exhaled breath.


In the event of rapid and dangerous allergologic problems, turn to emergency department (ED) or call an ambulance 112.

In the event of regular allergy problems you can always turn to your family physician – if the family physician also thinks that consultation is urgent, then the family physician can call the office and we will always find a way to consult the patient.


On the photo (from the left): Dr. Ilona Lind, Dr Kadri-Liina Vahula, Mrs Gea Randmaa (manager of Mai Selver) Over the years, the children's department has been popular among both donators and supporters. Selver's charity campaign "Together is easier" has become a tradition year after year. With the help of Selver, we have obtained the following:  


2005 we gathered 9,550 kroons for the purchase of a neonatal warming crib;

2006 we gathered 30,890 kroons for a baby nest;  

2007 we gathered 69,509 kroons for pulse oximeter for the children’s department;  

2008 we gathered 87,751 kroons for purchasing a baby monitor;  

2009 we gathered 90,341 kroons to purchase a device for transcutaneous determining of blood’s bilirubin content;  

2010 we gathered 88,956 kroons to purchase two heat lamps for the newborn examination table.  

2011 we gathered 3,361 EUR to purchase a newborn hearing screener set.

2012 we gathered 4497 EUR to purchase patient´s monitor.

2013 we gathered 5064 EUR to purchase two heat lamps for the newborn examination table.


In 2006 we received a special gift from a Canadian Estonian, who donated 50,000 CAD to the children’s department as in memory of a family originating from Pärnu. We used this donation to furnish the wards with new nightstands and beds, weight bases, feeding trays, and television sets. Children from activity centres and kindergarten have remembered and surprised children in the hospital during Christmas and other days, Port Artur has taken care of candy bags.


How often do you visit a doctor?

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