About project

 The purposes of creating the Pärnu County Children’s and Youth’s Mental Health Centre:

  •  Development and increase in the availability of services for children's and adolescent's mental health
  •  Raising the awareness of children's mental health problems and preventing them
  •  Networking based solving of complex cases
  •  Studies on the real needs of target groups
  •  Mental Health Centre as -

- intermediate in the network
- institution that coordinates, assembles and conducts cooperation in the system
- center of information, support, supervision and know-how of specialists
- conductor of trainings

  • Early diagnostics and  multidisciplinary intervention based on case management principals
  • Enhancement of networking systems at the local and regional level

The Vision:

  • There's a children's and adolescent's mental health centre in Pärnu County which involves activities and services and has a coordinating role in shaping, observing, supporting and improving the county's and region's children's mental health
  • The Center's philosophy of action is built on knowledge-based approach, cooperation of specialists in the corresponding area and the center acts as a systematic and complete unity.


Actions in 2014:

Raising the competence of specialists. Training activities and gathering information and statistics

  • Identification of the training needs of region specialists in the mental health field
  • Need-based trainings and seminars
  • Introductory course on family therapy - May 2014
  • Crisis training - autumn 2014
  • Study tour to Drammen hospital, Norway - May 2014
  • Participation in ongoing trainings and conferences about children's and adolescent's mental health
  • Purchase of psyhodiagnostic instruments with test training

Actions directed for other sectors that are involved in improving mental health (including social- and education sector)

  • Identification of supervision needs for field specialists and beginning of its conduction in the region
  • carrying out lectures for social work and rehabilitation students in Tartu University Pärnu College - in March 2014. Refresher training in autumn!
  • carrying out thematic lectures/seminars for workers in the social- and education sector and other fields that are involved in children's mental health in Pärnumaa, Viljandimaa and Saaremaa region
  • trainings for parents in the region

Improving and implementation of the outpatient services directed for children. Increasing the availability of services

  • Preparatory works for adaption of infrastructure
  • Carrying out group therapies for children, adolescents and parents in the region
  • On March 1, 2014, began work:

- provincial case managers-consultants
- originative therapists (sand therapy, game therapy)
- family therapist

  • piloting of out-reach services in the region
  • support groups for parents

Developement activities for networking

  • On February 1 began to work case manager
  • Case-based networking meetings for field specialists on the spot

- with the specialists from Viljandi and Saaremaa
- project team (experts in the field) meetings twice a month
- specialists (therapists, case managers) meetings once a month
- discussions with target groups
- meetings/discussions between regional centers


Project Partners

Project partners whose representatives are in the project team with the representatives of SA Pärnu Haigla and together form an EXPERT GROUP:

Member of the project team (project partner) - role in the project

Marko Truu (Pärnu County Government) - expert of social- and child protection area. Advises the project team on protecting the rights and interests of the children throughout the whole project. Participates in planning the developement and training activities for the project. Is responsible for the flow of information between the project team and the specialists of local municipalities and relations between the project team and the partners from the Kingdom of Norway.

Lea Mardik (Pärnu Study Counselling Centre) - expert of the education sector. Advises the project team on school psychology, social work area and vocational guidance. Cooperates closely with schools and social institutions, participates in identification of training needs, planning and carrying out trainings. Participates in networking, coordinates communication between the target group (school psychologists, school social workers, students) and the project team.

Liilia Mänd (Police and Border Guard Board - Western Prefecture) - expert of law enforcement area. Is responsible for project team's connection to law enforcement, conduction of networking and participation in it.

Anu Aunapuu (Tartu University Pärnu College) - expert of research- and developement area, trainer. Is responsible for identificating training needs for students and coordinating and carrying out trainings. Participates in networking. Plans and coordinates research work and/or applied research, participates in developement activities of the project and quality assessment of project activities.


Additional project partners:

SA Viljandi Hospital - representative Andrus Tikerpe, chief doctor of psychiatric clinic

The Nordic-Baltic Organisation (NBO) - representative Lars Robert Lund

Drammen Hospital Department of Ambulatory Family, BUPA - representative Lars Rober Lund


Included sector experts

Airiin Demir, clinical psychologist - training and supervision of specialists, consulting of the project team in the field of clinical psychology

Ilona Lind, SA Pärnu Hospital women's and children's clinic, children's diseases, head of the department - coordinating the diagonstics system of child abuse, developing and consulting the project team, expert of medical sector, participation in networking and integrated developement of services in children's clinic, communication with target groups

Kaja Rand, psychiatrist - expert of medical sector, trainer, member of the team. Participates in the developement work of mental health services, offers proposals and participates in networking and training activities and its planning. Cooperates closely with other hospitals and field experts. Consulting the project team in the area of psychiatry and medicine.

Lars Robert Lund - Supervision of the Pärnu County Children’s and Youth’s Mental Health Center team, transfer of experience from Drammen hospital, including hosting study tours, introducing services. Training estonian specialists in the field of child developement psychology, family therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy etc. Participates in adapting assessment intruments used in Norway into Estonian environment.




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