Pärnu Hospital is a central hospital, providing professional health care for residents of Pärnu county, Lääne-, Saare and Hiiumaa. With  this role we are providing 24 hour quality medical care for all the ones in need. Our main missioon is to support human health and quality of life. Therefore we have recruited the best doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to ensure that care. During the summer season, while many tourists are visiting Pärnu county, we are providing service for more than 300 000 patients.

Patient-friendly approach, high medical quality and qualification of employees, reliability and innovation are associated with Pärnu Hospital. In-patient units have 429 licenced panel beds that are used for treating up to 15 000 patients a year. There are over 31 medical areas of specialisation and approximately 238 000 out-patient visits are conducted a year. Pärnu Hospital is the largest employer, we have a workforce for more than 1300 employees.


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Pärnu Hospital clinics and services are located in four different locations:

Ristiku 1Ristiku str 1 (main building: in-patient and ambulatory medical care)

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Ristiku str 1, Rehabilitation and Well-Being Centre, Psychiatric Clinic

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Ristiku str 1 (Day Center of Psychatric Clinic)

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Ravi str 2 (Nursing Care Deparment )

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Kanali str 10 (Emergency Medicine Service Ambulance Department)

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Metsa str 1 (Blood Service)

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SA Pärnu Hospital
General information (+372) 4473 101
Registration desk (+372) 4473 300
Admission of emergency patients (+372) 4473 393
Emergency 112