Pärnu Hospital was founded as a foundation according to the Foundations Act and it is registered in the non-profit associations and foundations register. Pursuant to the law, the foundation has two principal management bodies: Council of the foundation and Board of the foundation. Council of the foundation is the foundation's highest management level. According to the Foundations Act Section 24, Council plans the hospital’s activity, organises the management of the foundation, and conducts surveillance over the foundation’s activity.

According to the FDN Pärnu Hospital's Articles of Association (approved with the Pärnu City Council’s decision No. 72 from 21 September 2000), the Council has 7 members and the authorisation of members is valid for 4 years.

Board of the foundation is the body directing the hospital’s day-to-day activity, which also manages and represents the foundation. Pärnu Hospital’s economic activities are functionally divided into three units:

Clinics – units for clinical principle activity

Medical services – units servicing the clinics

Support services – administrative-economic units

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