Pärnu Hospital is managed by the Board, which operates according to the Foundations Act and the hospital’s Articles of Association. Members of the Board are selected by the hospital's Council, and work is organised by the Chairman of the Board. The Board and its members represent the hospital according to the procedures and conditions stated in the laws and other legislation and the hospital’s Articles of Association.


Urmas Sule, CEO

Phone: (+372) 447 3100

E-mail: urmas.sule[at]

Dr. Urmas Sule was born in Tartu, graduated from University of Tartu as a medical doctor and anesthesiologist in 1988. He has been actively involved in Estonian Healthcare reforming processes both on state and on local level, which has enriched his analyzing, modeling and planning skills in, in all three health care sectors.  He has been manager of Parnu hospital since 1994, played an important role in building up new Pärnu Hospital (central hospital with 386 beds and 1150 employees) as an organization and a functional complex.

Dr. Sule is Chairman of the Board of Estonian Hospitals Association, Estonian governor and member of the President Committee in HOPE (European Healthcare and Hospitals Federation), country representative in HOSPEEM (European Federation of Healthcare Employers) and also a member of the Board of Estonian Employers Federation.


Veiko Vahula, member of the Board, medical director

Phone: (+372) 447 3103

E-mail: veiko.vahula[at]

Dr. Veiko Vahula was born in Pärnu, graduated from University of Tartu as a medical doctor in 1988, completed his internship in Tallinn Mustamae Hospital and in Tallinn Central Hospital. In 1989 he came to Pärnu Hospital and majored in cardiology. After that he became a deputy to a chief doctor in the field of medical treatment. He has played an important role in building up a new Pärnu Hospital. Since 2000 has been member of the Board and a medical director. In his area of administration he manages fields of medicine, study and research. Simultaneously performs duties of manager in Internal Disease Clinic.


Jan Põlluste, member of the Board, administrative director

Phone: (+372) 447 3104

E-mail: jan.polluste[at]

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