Independent consultation of nurses and midwives

Nurses and midwives are specialists with higher education in today’s Estonia, who instruct patients at their independent consultation, conduct necessary medical manipulations, give information regarding illnesses, prophylactic, complications, and advise how to manage the problems.


Consultation appointments are made in the reception of Pärnu Hospital (+372) 4473 300

Mon - Fri 07.30 - 18.00


Õdede ja ämmaemandate iseseisev vastuvõtt (in Estonian) 


Referral is not necessary for a nurse’s consultation (exceptions are cryotheraphy- and thermocoagulation-related nurse’s consultation and consultation of a nurse of bandaging) and visit fee is not charged.


Nursing is an independent profession and a scientific branch (nursing science) in the healthcare area, the aim of which is to help a person, both ill and healthy, in protecting and recovering his health and preventing illnesses. The aim is to ensure better access to health services and, if necessary, pick out these patients who require immediate consultations with a specialised doctor.


Working as a team in healthcare, we can provide the best quality and patient-friendly health services. A patient can ask questions at the independent consultation, he can also take patient teaching materials home with him.


Nurses consult patients with:

  • diabetes
  • pulmonary diseases
  • reumathism
  • trombosis prevention
  • heart failure problems
  • AIDS and infections
  • obesity problems
  • hearing aid
  • catheter
  • stoma
  • glaucoma

Nurses also provide:

  • incontinence consulting
  • bandaging service
  • auditory screening
  • joint pre-replacement surgery consultation


Consultation appointments are made in the reception of Pärnu Hospital (+372) 4473 300

How often do you visit a doctor?

Once a year
Two times in a year


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