Rehabilitation and Well-Being Centre

Rehabilitation and Well-Being Centre of Pärnu Hospital offers a variety of services for men, women and children. Here one can find services that will help to maintain and support healthy lifestyle. Family School is also actively working; who´s aim is to support parents to be and families with young children.


Kindly see the video of our services


Opening hours of the Centre:

Mon-Thu 08.00-20.00

Fri         08.00-19.00

Sat        09.00-14.00 (gym until 13.00)


For further information please contact us:

+372 4494 800 or by e-mail: heaolukeskus[at]




Please choose a suitable method of cancellation in case you are not able to come:


  • During the opening hours (Mon-Fri 08.00-20.00; Sat 08.30-14.00) by calling +372 4494 800 or by sending an e-mail heaolukeskus[at]
  • Other times by calling +372 4494 800 and leaving a message to the answering machine, telling your first and surname as well as the service you are cancelling.

In case of not informing you will be considered as attending and we have to cancel all your booked services.

Which trainings do you like the best?

Trainings for body and mind (yoga, pilates)
Trainings in the gymn
Trainings in the pool


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