Visit fee

Visit fees are generally paid before going to the doctor's consultation at the registration desk. It is possible to pay in cash or using bank card. After the patient receives a respective receipt for the payment. Visit fee for the ambulatory specialised medical care is 5 EUR for everyone.


If you have questions, please call at the hospital reception (+372) 447 3300 or contact directly the nursing manager at (+372) 447 3309


Visit fee for specialised medical care is 5 EUR. There is no visit fee for:

  • children below the age of 2;
  • pregnant women when presenting a pregnancy card;
  • a person sent to a specialised doctor in Pärnu Hospital by another specialised doctor in Pärnu Hospital or by a specialised doctor of another health service provider to a specialised doctor of the same speciality;
  • if emergency in-patient health service is provided immediately after the ambulatory specialised medical care;
  • in case of infectious diseases dangerous to society (persons suffering from active tuberculosis and patients receiving medical help for tuberculosis that can be directly checked);
  • in case of providing fee-charging health services according to the hospital's fee charging service price list;
  • young athletes in the event of preventive medical examinations funded by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund;
  • persons with severe and profound disabilities until the age of 18 when presenting a document confirming the disability;
  • patients receiving in-patient treatment in Pärnu Hospital who have been sent to an ambulatory consultation;
  • in case of repeated ambulatory specialised medical care. If a patient is asked to come back, the doctor writes a digital referral to his own consultation (referral on paper if it is not possible to make an appointment in "ESTER” at that moment), unless the schedule for the healthcare professional has already been entered at the time.
  • Specialised doctor’s ambulatory visits are repeated consultations in the following instances:
  • if the specialised doctor has recalled the patient for checking or changing the treatment in one case. The general limit for repeated recalling is 6 months;
  • if repeated diagnostic and/or treatment procedures are performed with the patient. The general limit for repeated recalling is 6 months.


For more information on visit fee, please visit Estonian Health Insurance Fund

In the case of emergency treatment, a person may always go to the emergency reception or call an ambulance 112. The attending physician decides whether the patient needs inpatient treatment. The transportation by ambulance in the case of emergency is free of charge, but in case of hospitalisation, an in-patient fee of is 2.50 EUR per day and for up to 10 days per hospitalisation.


More information on an in-patient fee

In order to have smooth and mutually respectful collaboration, a patient is obligated to notify the hospital of he/she is not able to come to the specialised doctor’s ambulatory visit 24 hours in advance at number (+372) 447 3300 or by sending an e-mail to Notifications of not coming have an important effect on the length of the specialised medical care queues. If the patient does not come to the specialised doctor’s ambulatory consultation and does not notify the hospital, the patient shall pay a double visit fee on the next instance of receiving health services. The patient must pay for the visit he did not come to in the amount he would have paid for the visit he did not come to.

How often do you visit a doctor?

Once a year
Two times in a year


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