Emergency patients

If you require emergency medical help, please call 112 or go to the accident and emergency department.

Emergency department (ED) provides emergency medical help of internal, trauma, surgery, gynaecology nature for adults and children 24h a day.

When coming to ED, you need to account for the queue and severity of conditions, as people in severe conditions have priority. In addition to permanent residents, the hospital also services people from other counties, tourists, visitors of medical spas and rest homes, and foreigners.

Patients holding an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or replacement certificate of the card, will receive free of charge first aid medical service. You would only have to pay visit fee 5 EUR

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SA Pärnu Hospital
General information (+372) 4473 101
Registration desk (+372) 4473 300
Admission of emergency patients (+372) 4473 393
Emergency 112