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Luudensitomeetria (ENG)

What is a bone densitometer?

A bone densitometer is a device that measures bone density in the studied region with low-radiation X-rays.


  • Women > 50 years of age who have had a fracture or have at least 3 risk factors.

  • Women who have experienced menopause before 45 years of age.

  • X-ray findings showing osteoporotic changes of the spinal vertebrae or there is suspicion of osteoporosis.

  • Recurrent fractures or fractures with minimal trauma.

  • Decrease of body height more than 5 cm.

  • Endocrine system diseases.

Preparation for the examination

  • Take the referral letter with you - the examination is not carried out without a referral letter.

No special preparation is needed for the examination. Before the examination you can eat, drink and take daily medications. Before the examination a radiographer will take your personal data (height, weight, joint prostheses, etc.). It is advisable to dress comfortably and avoid zippered skirts/pants.

What will happen during the course of the examination?

  • If necessary, you will be asked to undress and remove metal items from the study area.

  • During the examination you will lie on the study table and a scanner will move over you. During theation you should not move or talk (you may breathe normally), to ensure a high quality of examination.

  • Measurement of bone density is painless. Examination of one region will take 15 minutes.


  • During pregnancy bone density measurement is not allowed without special medical indications.

  • If you have any prosthesis or implant in your body, inform the radiographer, because it may affect how the examination is carried out.

Results of the examination

The results will be transmitted in electronic form or on paper to your treating doctor. If you can't come to the examination at the agreed time, then please inform the Department of Radiology by phone on 447 3561

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